100% Organic Arabica Beans

Fresh Roasted by Z Roasters

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High Quality Specialty Coffee

The basic force guiding everything that we do is to make high grade Indonesian coffee easily accessible to coffee lovers from all around the world. We produce and supply really great coffee, that is solidly consistent, at a fantastic price.

Coming with extensive local and international experience, we have made personal connection with local fair-trade farms to source the best green beans. Our head roaster and his local team spent half a year talking to farmers, smelling the earth, and roasting the best green beans to come to the specialty coffee product we feel best represents the archipelago.

We specialise in drawing forth individual flavour profiles of organic coffee from the high elevation regions of Indonesia. Consistency of the coffee is the key in your cup. We control that because we work purely with nearby Indonesian farms where we can physically monitor the process from planting to drying of the green beans.


World standard green beans sourced in Indonesia


Extensive local and international coffee roasting experience


High quality beans sourced locally from family established farms


Environmentally sustainable coffee farms and processes supporting local ecosystems and communities

Fair trade

Supporting coffee farm communities to ensure resilience and fair prices

Custom Roast profiles

Custom roast profiles to match specific flavour requirements of your business

Versatile blend

Our Bali Earth blend, perfect versatility in espresso, black, with milk, coldbrew or in cocktails

Brewing Support

Technical and brewing support for all our customers to maximise the quality of your coffee

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Producing the best Quality for you


Great coffee, probably the best coffee in Canggu!

L Roeykens / Customer

The coffee was very very good. Roasted upstairs, by experienced barista crew. Will definitely have my daily dose here!

Mawar Desak / Cofee Lover

Excellent coffee that my customers absolutely love. They love that the beans are sourced locally, and the blend is perfect for all our coffees, including coffee martinis!

R James / Cofee Reseller